Fit-spiration: 5 Women You Should Be Following on Instagram


Massiel "Massey" Arias / @mankofit

She's fit, she's tatted and she's a fighter. Massiel Arias has survived a toxic relationship, almost losing her brother to cancer and an uphill battle to build a name in the fitness industry. She has done it all while staying positive and sharing her knowledge with women everywhere. If you are looking for some awesome nutrition info and entertaining fitness inspiration Massey is your girl.

Nikki Sharp / @staysharpbestrong

Model turned fitness and health nut Nikki Sharp was destined to be your fitness inspiration. With an Olympian mother, a well known rock-climber father and a body builder step-father we're not sure she had a choice. If AWESOME recipe ideas and high fashion-like pics are your thing, Nikki Sharp is your girl.

Misty Copeland /@mistyonpointe

An awesomely fit ballerina?! Say no more. A woman after our own hearts, Misty Copeland is a soloist with the American American Ballet Theater. Misty shows us just how AMAZING a dancer's body can be! With legs that will send you packing to the gym and beautiful ballet photography Misty is definitely worth hitting the follow button.

Michelle Lou Lan / @meshyoga

A dancer turn yoga-addict Michelle shares her most difficult (and almost unbelievable) poses and does it while looking amazing. The founder of Mesh Yoga Michelle Lou Lan has developed her own yoga techniques which she has turned into a new form of yoga practice.

Jillian Dreusike / @jillianmdreusike

Heyyyy we know her! :) Of course our lovely Jillian would make this list! Founder of BodyLogic Studios and creator of the allongée® technique, Jillian is a classical/contemporary dancer with a passion for fitness! Jillian shows off her best ballet poses while also showing us the REAL LIFE results of the allongée® technique.