Find Your Happy Place


No matter how many times a day you exercise, no matter how great you eat, you will never feel your best if you don't take care of your mind and spirit. Meditation is a amazing way to relieve stress and anxiety, and is a great accompaniment to any workout. Meditation may seem silly to some, but for those of us who practice it, we know the power behind a great meditation session. Here are some easy and simple ways to start diving into meditation.

100 Breaths

Sit down or lay down, relax and slowly take 100 breaths. Focus your mind on counting your breaths and listening to the sound your breathing.

Walking Meditation

Find an open space indoors or outdoors and slowly pace back and forth focusing on the roll of your feet. You should begin to become aware of the rhythm of your step and focus solely on the feet.

Gratitude Exercises

Instead of waking up in the morning, springing out of bed, and thinking of everything on your to do list, take the first 2 minutes of your morning before you leave bed and think of the person or people you are most grateful for in life. Picture their face in front of you, and send them your "silent gratitude".

Thanks to our sources for the great tips!