Great Outdoors = Great Workouts

outdoor exercise Did you know that exercising outside not only feels amazing but has TONS of great benefits beside earning an awesome body? So in honor of the great outdoors and our allongée® OUTDOOR class here is just a few of the many reasons to make Mother Nature your workout buddy.

Hello Sunshine! - People who exercise vigorously outside have higher levels of Vitamin D overall than those who do not. So take that butt outside and soak up the sun! It’s worth it, seeing as most people whom are over weight tend to be lacking Vitamin D.

Forget the latte, I’ll take 20 minutes of fresh air please – Studies have shown that just spending 20 minutes outdoors can give you and just as much of an energy boost as one cup of coffee! Talk about a freebie!

Did you say you WANT to workout?!- When you exercise outdoors you increase the chances that you’ll want to do it again. Studies have found that those who have completed a workout outdoors have reported a higher rate of intent to workout again than those confined to a gym.

Got a boo-boo? Put some sun on it!- Recovering from an injury or maybe just a little sore? Time spent in the sun is reported to speed up healing time and decrease chronic pain. So work out those kinks with some vitamin D, (after you’ve consulted your doctor of course).

 So there it is, four great reasons to check out the allongée® OUTDOOR this Sunday. Who wouldn't love a little allongée in the sunshine?