Tips for Taming Your Post Workout Hair


After your workout (an allongée class of course) your body feels great. You feel accomplished and ready to move on with your day, but there’s one thing holding you back: That hair honey! We’ve all been there, you just kicked butt in your workout but you look like you just got your butt kicked. Here are some great tips for keeping that mane under control after your workout.

1) Think of your sweat as a newfangled styling gel

 Ok, ok, it sounds a little nasty, BUT seriously we love this tip. Using the natural moisture in your hair to control your style is actually really practical and not to mention a helpful way to keep from over washing (aka drying out) or damaging your hair with heat.

 2) Dry it Out- No heat required

Sweat gel a little too much to handle? Then just dry it out. Dry shampoos are everywhere these days, and are the perfect way to refresh your locks quickly and effectively. On a budget? Baby powder works just as well to refresh your hair, although this is an option only for our blondies.

 3) Braid it or Bun it!

 C’mon this one was easy. Braids of buns are best hairstyles for a post workout woman on the go. Once you get your hair tamed, throwing it up or braiding it to the side are controlled and simple styles that will keep you hair off your neck and out of your way for the rest of the day.

 4) Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

 If all else fails and your suborn hair is still in workout mode, use your hair accessories to tame the beast. Throw in a headband, bobby pin those fly aways and keep on keepin’ on. Who says you can’t have a great body and great hair?