This Week's Challenge: Workout those LEGS with GAMS!

We had our FIRST EVER allongée™ GAMS class this morning, and it was fabulous!

It's our first new class for 2014, and it's the real deal. The name GAMS comes from the french word "gambe" which refers to a long, slender, athletic and feminine line of the leg. We're focusing on the legs for a full hour, with plenty of cardio to reshape those thighs, glutes, calves, abductors and adductors.


Some of the sequences in this class may be familiar from our leggyLOGIC class. We've also got plenty of brand new GAMS choreography to turn our leg class up a few notches for that post-holiday burn.

Whenever we put a new class on the schedule, it's HARD! For everyone, whether you're a newbie or a vet. It's because the new movements are working different muscles in new ways. It's great for your body and your brain to switch things up like this.

This week's challenge is to get into an allongée™ GAMS class.. or maybe even two. Set the intimidation factor aside (because you know we always pull you through anyway!) and just do it. Don't think about the pain- think results!Make those skinny jeans even skinnier.

It's gonna be FUN!