It started with a coffee...

...the story of my life!

Our fabulous Old City neighbor, United By Blue, is on my A list for this year. They just opened shop in October, and I am loving everything about them. Fabulous hand poured coffee, lovely teas, and hip clothing and accessories with an underlying cause. For every product purchased, UBB removes one pound of waste from our waterways.

I'm hooked.

On the top of my list of "Winter Necessities": their warm wool socks, pictured below.


They're warm, soft, sturdy but comfortable. You've probably seen me wearing them while we warm up beginning class. So many of their products have grabbed a spot on my 2013 A List. If you haven't yet, you've got to check them out!


Above photo: J. Dreusike via Kenneth Stockwell. Socks by United By Blue 144 N 2nd St. Old City Philadelphia