A Be Well Holiday

On Wednesday, Erica and I had a great evening with Philly Mag's Be Well Philly at their Holiday Shopping Party at The Philadelphia Runner. It was so great to see old friends from BWP and reconnect with others as well, especially my  friend from Laugh Yourself Skinny. 

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Amidst planning prospective puppy play dates  with old friends and carelessly perusing racks of lovely athletic apparel (I am loving my new Nike pullover, pictured above right) with a glass of champagne in hand, I realized that this was something I missed (well not particularly the champagne, although it may be nice if that were an everyday thing at retail stores-haha!)

The  holidays are great but they can become very stressful. I understand that stress can be inevitable, but it is important to plan time to relax and enjoy with those you care about. It shouldn't be about these things that stress us out so much. It is truly a time for both  friends and family to enjoy stress free time with one another. I am making a pre-resolution to take more deep breaths, to relax, and to gain my social life back by doing so. It may be beneficial for everyone to make an effort to do so.


Pictured above:  Jillian Dreusike & Erica Reisenwitz; pullover by Nike