Meet Erica Reisenwitz, bodyLOGIC Instructor!

I'm very late on this post. My apologies!

Meet Erica Reisenwitz, our newest bodyLOGIC instructor. She's been teaching for over a month and has been kicking all of your butts big time in class :) Erica, like all of our other instructors, caught my eye some time ago in class.

Erica always has a smile on her face, even during the most difficult sequences in class. She has always had great technique, and has always taken the time to better understand and perfect it. She's full-time full of energy, which I love! Erica is a first generation student; she's been in the studio since we've been in our first permanent home, Old City. She started bodyLOGIC in May of 2011 when she was looking to fill some time after her then boyfriend/now fiancee (Congratulations, Erica & Tom!) moved to London. Having practiced ballet as a child, she was excited to see what we were all about.

After her first bodyLOGIC class, she was so sore that she couldn't walk, but she was "totally hooked!" She describes classes as the biggest physical challenge she's endured since high school! Even as a "gym rat" frequenting spinning classes, she feared our cardio sequences. I will never forget Erica's first cardio class, where she told me that she needed to stop because she thought she was "having a heart attack". She swore she'd never be able to keep her hips up during tricep pushups; she had an epiphany here with us, amazed with the unique way that our program makes the body work...

And just two short years later, she's on our floor as an instructor; hips up in tricep pushups, leading and powering you ladies through cardio sequences and all, and of course seriously kicking your butts!


Some things you may not know about Erica...

Erica's "other job": Marketing Account Manager at SEI in Oaks, PA

How bodyLOGIC became a staple in her life: Erica believes in facing anything that's intimidating until she's dominated it. She admits that initially, bodyLOGIC was a bit intimidating for her. As difficult as it was, she began to see and feel quite a difference with just two classes at week. Before she realized, she was rearranging her schedule to be able to fit in as many classes per week as possible.

Erica LOVES food. All food (me too!). Erica doesn't like blue cheese, mustard, sour cream, and red onions.

Erica loves to travel, shop, watch her favorite Philly sports teams, and cook. (We'll have to get her to share some of her fabulous and awesome healthy recipes with us!) 

Erica is from the lovely Philadelphia, PA.

Her favorite cities include Philly, London, and just about anywhere in Italy!

Erica's favorite class is bikiniLOGIC- it combines her favorite classes, waistLOGIC, upperbodyLOGIC, and leggyLOGIC all in one.

Erica' favorite bodyLOGIC Sequences: Barre Cardio Chasses & Lunges. She says that she "feels like [she's] warming up for [her] ballet debut. Or at an audition to be a Lady Gaga backup dancer!" (haha! I LOVE it!)

Both Erica and her mom will be getting married over the next 9 months! (Congratulations to you both!)

In the past year, Erica has visited both the Western most point of Europe as well as the Southern most point of the US.

WATCH OUT! Erica really gets into it during class. Don't be surprised if you catch her singing and dancing a bit in the middle of class. She says, "the music really gets me going!"

Need a restaurant recommendation? Erica is your girl!

She's usually got the J. Crew catalog memorized.

She always knows who/when/where is having a sale.

Cheers to Erica, our newest fabulous instructor. I am so excited to have you as part of our lovely team here at bodyLOGIC!