Our HeatTrap Calorie Trashing Shorts are Finally Ready!


You ladies have been anxiously awaiting the debut of these babies for nearly a year!

So after a few prototypes, we have finally made these perfect!
The fabric is great at trapping heat inside and induces sweating tenfold, trashing those calories to the MAX!

You can wear them in all classes, but they are especially recommended for our leggyLOGIC, armsyLOGIC, strengthLOGIC, coreLOGIC, and allongee Ballet 101 classes. These can be worn in cardio classes, although you need to be sure to HYDRATE up to two hours prior to your class.

This was a really FUN experience -

They've also inspired us to keep the creation going.

COMING NEXT: "SnatchBelts" - A new addition to our CalorieTrash Line is our Calorie Trashing Corset. With a soft, thick material insulating our special Calorie Trashing heat-trap fabric, our upcoming Snatchbelts will get your mid section working overtime and looking ultra fab minus the flab!

*These items can be pre-ordered online. Earliest pickup/delivery date: Friday.