So it's been HOT HOT HOT this past week! It finally cooled down a bit, but that wave was only the first of many to come for the rest of the season. I would like to take a minute to just put a little reminder out there: PLEASE STAY HYDRATED!


Hydration is really important. In many of our classes, our strength work doubles as cardio and we lose a lot more water (and calories) in the short 60 minutes! Avoid feeling dizzy, faint and under the weather (dehydrated) by drinking water all day long. •When it's hotter, were sweating more and losing more water in our normal daily activities. •Start drinking water from the time you get up in the morning until class time, and then thereafter. •Be consistent about it- you may feel like you're drinking a lot of water, but you're also losing a lot of water.

We've never sold water bottles before, but due to the upcoming summer heat we are planning to keep water bottles stocked for those of you that will need at both our Old City and Fairmount locations. $1 each.