REPOST: skinnyLOGIC: This week's challenge

So many of you rave about this skinnyLOGIC class, and I completely understand. It's a fabulous class.

I've had to be careful lately about the info I'm putting out there, and I apologize for that. It's quite the compliment, really. In the short time we've been offering these classes, we've had a lot of interest from the outside. Luckily, much of this interest has been for the better, but of course there has been some conflict of interest as well...

All of this really just reminds me that what we're doing here truly is fabulous!


skinnyLOGIC is one of these classes that is really special on many levels. It is  a really awesome pre-Bikini season class-  those of you that take this class every week already know how it whips your butt into serious shape!

I'm challenging those of you who purposefully avoid this class (maybe the picture above on it's own is intimidating enough-haha!) to get into a skinnyLOGIC class this week.

It's a difficult class, yes. But the benefits of it are so much more rewarding. I swear!

Additionally, skinnyLOGIC has taken over the schedule! Tonight in Old City at 7:15PM, Tuesday at 6:00AM, and Friday at 6:00AM- you have no excuse!