My "Vacation" & This Week's Challenge

I had big plans for some awesome vacation blogs, but as some of you that were in Sunday's class already know, my vacation did not quite go as planned. 

We got down to South Carolina and checked into our first hotel of our Roadtrip to Key West and spent just 15 minutes in vacation bliss before being notified of a death in the family up in New York. 

So after a night's rest in Hilton Head Island, we trekked back up to New York for the remainder of the week off. Not quite what had been planned, but I had decided to write a blog on this a few days ago, as I felt there were many things to be learned and taken from this experience.



Ken's Poppop passed away at 83 years old after an absolutely fabulous life. In the nearly three years I have spent with Ken's family, they seem to have taken on the role of my "second first family". 

While the idea of a vacation in the sun was highly anticipated, I really think that a death in the family gives everyone a time to simply stop and reflect on all components of one's life; family relations, love relations, personal choices made, the adverse effects, etc. It makes us all cease to move forward for a bit in remembrance. 

Family is so utterly important, and for many of us should pose as our greatest  and most infallible support system. If there is one thing Poppop would be smiling from above about, it would have to be the support system that was inevitably in place by all four of his daughters- for each other and for their widowed mother.

I realized that every moment spent with another we care about is special and impermanent, but is so often overlooked in the blunder of our day to day chaotic lives. So many more memories could be made just by turning attention to being grateful for those special people we're fortunate enough to share our lives with. 

Most times, our "Weekly Challenges" are in relation to the program as far as classes to take or ways to work, etc. However, for this week, I would really like to set a goal relating to our personal lives- to focus on slowing down and appreciating those who we care for, and who care for us. Our lives are not timeless, and so it should be our objective to make as many memories as possible in the time we're given. 

I also truly believe that by finding something to be appreciative of every single day, our lives as a whole will be much happier and fulfilled. 

Find something to be appreciative of every day this week, watch how it will alter your own perspective and observe how it will change your energy during class time!