This Week's Challenge: SMILE!

"SMILE! It's contagious!"

-words of advice from one of my first teachers and mentors, Susan Turner.

Contagious like the flu, but in a good way! As it turns out, it's really true. Not only is it BETTER for everyone around you, but it is also clinically proven better for YOU!

Many of you have noticed (and commented) that I am a smiler by nature!; I even remind you guys to smile while taking class with me :)

It's true, and I have Ms. Turner to thank for that. Not until years later did I realize that smiling would decrease my stress level over all, but it also helps us to keep a calmer mind in especially stressful situations.

Even the act of artificial smiling (the kind of smile that involves just your mouth, as opposed to the genuine smile engaged by the mouth AND eyes!) can put YOU in a better mood.

So for this week, make a point to smile more; for yourself, and for others. Even with these consistently gray winter days, sunshine is just a smile away! Besides, we've all seen that girl walking down the block who refuses to smile, and looks grayer than the sky on a day like today. You're much prettier with a smile on your face.. so accept this week's challenge and