Our NEW allongée™ Workshops!

Your VERY first question answered:

Pronounced: ay-lone-jay; meaning to lengthen.

So on Sunday afternoon, we had our second-ever allongée™ bodyLOGIC Ballet 101 Workshop and it was FABULOUS! I LOVE this class, it is so awesome for you guys to be able to take an actual ballet class (more or less.. well, WAYY more!) and relate it to our classes and our fitness technique. It makes me so happy that those of you who have been with me for some time would totally pass as dancers, as our classes have made your dance technique so SOLID!


For those of you that are newbies, you'll get there with just a little time I swear! I'm excited to see how the technique will unfold for those of you newbies as all of the newbie generations before you have been introduced to the technique in the opposite order (with the exception of our very first generation "Sankhya Yoga PowerBarre Ladies".. for those of you that haven't heard that story of our history, it will be posted one day!). I think that it will give you guys the BEST approach to the technique, and it's probably THE hardest class, even as an OPEN class!

We've had some requests for this class to be added onto the schedule MORE! Please leave us comments below- tell us what times would be best for you!

Thanks :)