Oh Where, Oh Where Have Monday Evenings Gone?!

Well, it's time for me to be a dancer.

So it's now or never, and Fallon is pretty much in the same position as I am.

Although, for me this is a little different of an experience considering I began ballet at 16! Ahh!

I have to begin coaching, so I may begin compiling videos to send to dance companies. This is a much better audition route, as they view your video, decide if they like your dancing, and invite you to come to their studios for a private audition with their company.

This is way less nerve-racking and much more efficient than the 300 person cattle call auditions found in New York! Unfortunately, anyone that is worth coaching me is extremely busy, and there are very limited time slots I am able to choose from.

I will be coaching with Anastasia Babayeva, formerly of the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, Russia.

Unfortunately, our Monday 7:30PM class must be put on hold for the time being, beginning this week. I'd like to add a new Monday class, perhaps a 6am or a mid-afternoon. Any ideas, anyone? Comment below!

We thank you for your understanding while we continue to follow our dreams of dancing!