bodyLOGIC Bride: Cassie


I took my first bodyLOGIC class in the fall of 2011. As an athlete and former ballet dancer, I was amazed at how bodyLOGIC  workouts completely changed my body for the better. Each session gave me a cardio and muscle-toning workout, but it also improved my posture and flexibility. It reminded me of how my body felt when I used to dance.

So with my wedding day approaching this past September, I knew exactly where to go to get in serious shape for MY big day. I knew I wanted a full body workout, but I also wanted to really focus on toning my arms. All I had to do was tell Jillian. She created specific exercises for me and made sure I got the most out of each group session. Believe me, bodyLOGIC sessions will kick your butt! But the more and more I pushed myself, the more results I saw.

Every bride wants to look as beautiful as possible on her wedding day. But, beyond the hair and makeup is a body that needs to fit itself into a beautiful wedding gown. I am so happy I chose bodyLOGIC as my pre-wedding exercise program and I would recommend it to every soon-to-be bride.


-Cassandra Kramer married CBS-3 news reporter Oren Liebermann in September 2012. Photos by Rhinehart Photography.


First of all, you look BEAUTIFUL, Cassie! Hair, makeup, posture, you are a bodyLOGIC Bride for sure! And thank YOU for your request on an arms class! It's because of you that I created our signature armsyLOGIC ™ BarreBand sequences™! I'm so glad that you found exactly what you were looking for with us!

Congratulations to you and Oren, and Happy New(lywed) Year!