NEW January Schedule!

So due to popular requests by YOU, we've made some adjustments and additions to our January schedule, effective in full NEXT WEEK!



New Year, New schedule!

For our lovely Fairmount ladies who have been so patient, we've got some classes added over in that neck of the woods for ya! We've added a FRIDAY 5:45PM, and a SUNDAY 12:15PM class at our Fairmount location, in addition to our 7:30PM Tuesday class.

I was excited to get you guys a combination of waistLOGIC, leggyLOGIC and cardioLOGIC classes this month.

We've also added a lunchtime class in our Old City location, due to YOUR popular demand.

I hope the expanded schedule is much more accomodable for you ladies, and I look forward to seeing you in class soon!


*to view the January schedule online, click here.

*to have YOUR say in the works of our schedule, click here.