This Weekend's Cancellations & Classes Added For New Years

You may remember this cutie from one of our previous post. Just to alleviate confusion, she is my younger sister, not my daughter!

I have cancelled classes this weekend as I will be out of town to go visit that munchkin, as well as my younger brother and my other (not nearly as younger) sister in New York. :)


On a brighter note, please take notice that our schedule for next week has an addition. New Year's Eve (Monday) we've added a 6 am class- an OPEN armsyLOGIC as it has been cancelled for Tuesday. On New Year's Day we will have class at 7:30PM, OPEN waistLOGIC.

We recommend that you register at least 24 hours in advance for each class you may wish to take. We've unfortunately had a few of you whom were unable to get in because of the fact that a low enrollment class was just that, despite the fact that you may have been planning to come to class! We all have to work together to make the schedule as accommodating as possible for all!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Schedule found/ reservations can be made online at

Please call or email us with any questions or concerns!