Fairmount Classes TBA

Hey All--

So I got an email this morning. It was about the January schedule, as it seems we have cut many of the existing times from the Fairmount schedule on our recent January schedule release. fairmountletterFor all of you that find yourselves " Concerned in Fairmount", PLEASE DON'T WORRY! As we do every month when making the schedule, we keep the busiest classes on for the following month, and re evaluate the slower classes in terms greater than just revenue.

For example- the 5PM in Fairmount: while there were a few weeks where our 5PM Thursday enrollment was more than sufficient, we had to account for the weeks that it was cancelled due to low enrollment, and also noticed that it was our LEADER in LATE CANCELS (aka you guys losing your classes!). We get it- many of you trek to our 5PM class straight from work and sometimes are unable to make it. The thing is, I would MUCH rather have you present and working out in classes you've paid for, than teach a smaller class due to many late cancels week after week. It means more working out for you!

So PLEASE, email us at bodylogicinfo@gmail.com with class time suggestions, or alternately, make use of our monthly bodyLOGIC Survey, one of the key tools we use to get input from YOU on our monthly schedule.

We'll be working really hard over the next week (with the help of your input) to get some classes in Fairmount added for January.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support, suggestions, comments, likes, and of course your never ending LOVE for the bodyLOGIC program. :)