January Schedule!

Our January schedule has been released. However, my Mac is broken :( and I can't quite figure out how to do much of anything on this computer that I have... Usually, I would get you guys a downloadable PDF right here on our blog, but I am not able to do it :( Sorry! Instead, follow this link to the Schedules Page of our website, click January 2012. On the top left of the spreadsheet, Press "File", "Download as", and finally "PDF Document" to download the spreadsheet off of our website.

We've gotten rid of many of the classes that have been frequently cancelled due to low enrollment, or have been small due to frequent late cancelling (I'd rather find times that are more convenient for more of us to be able to take class, rather than having so many late cancels).

That being said... PLEASE take our survey this month, and tell us which classes and class times you'd to see more of!


To reserve classes for January, click here.