A bodyLOGIC January

It's that time of year again... New Years Resolutions! I love this time of year as it signifies new beginnings, changes, and new opportunities. If there is one piece of sage advice I'd give to all, it would be to make a plan and stick to it! Decide your official start day (even if it's after January 1st, it's better to make it official!), and most importantly be obligated to your resolution! After all, it's for the purpose of bettering yourself- it should be a no-brainer obligation!

A bodyLOGIC Resolution!

So for our 2013 New Years Resolution Plan, we're challenging you to take twenty classes in fourty days for a chance to win FREE classes, FUN prizes, and possibly a FREE monthly unlimited for the following month (grand prize). So CHALLENGE yourself this year, get into classes, and have FUN while working toward (and seeing results) the BEST body of your life!


bodyLOGIC New Years Resolution Package, $160 ($8 per class); valid for 40 days; valid for classes in Old City & Fairmount. Available for purchase in studios or in our online store until January 11,2013.

Are you in the middle of a package from now until January 11th, but would like to participate in our 2013 New Year Resolution Challenge? Click here.

Questions on starting up as a newbie? Other questions? Call (631) 332-6724 for more information or register HERE.

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