Closings for Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Oh.My.GOSH. It has really been that long! (bad blogger, BAD!) So many of you have noticed that we will be closed for Thanksgiving THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, & SUNDAY. I promise, I do this for good reason.

I have a theory, and without a doubt believe that it is true...

All of you ladies spend days on end LOGIC'ing away every possible minute that you can find some time to do so.. I KNOW! bodyLOGIC is more than just a technique for physical fitness, but really becomes a part of your new and enlightened LOGIC lifestyle. However, I have always been a strong believer that your workout should enhance your life, not CONTROL it. I know that some of you may want to have a class on Thursday morning before you meet your families for a giant dinner, or even on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (just because we love what we do so much!).

However, you all know as well as I do that we work our butts off during every class we take, and bodyLOGIC is THAT good that you can afford to take four days off (and eat a ton)! HECK!, you LOGIC Ladies more than DESERVE it, as do your bodies!


Your muscles can definitely use a four day recovery period. bodyLOGIC workouts are crazy intense (we burn 600-900+ calories per class, depending on your own intensity, individual bodies & metabolism, etc.), and some trainers would even recommend up to a full week of recovery time with a workout like ours (crazy, I know!).

Stated above, our workouts are intense- it's no joke. However, you can make them even more intense just by increasing your effort levels in every single rep or move that we do. The fact of the matter is that most of us are riding in the middle as far as intensity goes, when most of us could likely kick it up a notch-- or two, or three or four.

So take these four days, meditate on how INTENSE you will be when you come back, and then continue to raise the barre. I would have to say that after a four day break is a great way to train yourself into new habits-- so be ready to come back with higher knees, bigger jumps, straighter legs and lower lunges!

I'll miss you guys this weekend, and I look forward to getting back to classes this upcoming Monday (11/26)!

Stay posted tomorrow (Black Friday!) for super flash sales and our announcement of this year's Fall Challenge FREE Monthly Unlimited!