November is here already.. well, almost. Can I just put it out there that this October felt like the fastest month of all time? A picture from this month that I thought you may enjoy. Thanks for the photo, Amanda Stockwell

Our November schedule is finally available- up to date by the day on our Reservation system as well as in the form of a PDF file for your convenience.

Our early morning 6am classes have added a new time, with Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in Old City. Our Friday at 6am is a new OPEN skinnyLOGIC!

We've also revamped the Fairmount schedule completely, with leggyLOGIC classes on Tuesday evenings, totalbodyLOGIC on Thursday evenings, waistLOGIC on Friday evenings, and cardioLOGIC on Saturday mornings.

As always, our anonymous survey is the best way to help up shape our schedule to work best with your schedule. You can also stay up to date with all things new by subscribing to our email list, if you haven't already.

Finally, to all of our Fall Challengers this year: Many of you are in your final week or two of the challenge! Keep your goals in mind and let's power through! Winner of the Free Monthly Unlimited will be announced the week of 11/19!