Some Haverford Grub

As many of you know already, I have been spending a lot of time commuting to the suburbs and back during the week. It's been a big change of pace for me and I have had a great deal of adjusting to do to keep my meals healthy and delicious. I came across a place called The Hummus Grill in Haverford and was super pleased with their choices and the quality of their food. You can also check them out in University City!

I got a hummus platter as a quick lunch. I chose the beet salad and the cucumber salad as sides. They have really delicious whole wheat pita bread for dipping.

The actual hummus was great; creamy and well flavored, and as always, full of protien from the chickpeas!

Hummus is hands down one of my FAVORITE snacks all of the time, and it's also easy to prepare & store at home!

It is also really great on sandwiches & salads for some additional great tasting protien!

Coming Soon: Hummus Recipe