White Bean Dip

As per my usual, I apologize for my blogging disappearance. I am a bad blogger by nature. Truth be told, I was too busy eating beans. I'm not kidding. I was on vacation (with so little & never stable internet service), and could not stop eating beans. It started with this..

It's white bean dip (delicious is what it is). I went with some fresh focaccia sliced and warmed in the oven. It was so easy, despite the lack of mashing tools present, and it was both healthy and a hit.

You will need:

(2) Cans- Canellini Beans, Rinsed & Pureed (can be chunky)

(2) Large Cloves Garlic, roasted in oven for 15 minutes, minced

A few Fresh Parsley Leaves, minced

Fresh Juice of 2 lemons

some Salt, to taste

some Fresh Black Pepper, to taste

Our Full Schedule Resumes this week, and Coming Soon: More BEANS!