Monday: Studio Days

Not every Monday, but some Mondays, I will be posting some video footage of myself working in the studio. After nearly a month and a half of not wearing pointe shoes, I finally stepped foot into a dance studio for this other part of my life! This is mostly valuable to you guys because without this part of my life, bodyLOGIC would have never been created. It gives me so much joy on a daily basis to share such a great deal of my dance career and training with all of you! [youtube]

Audition season will begin for me this winter, and while I'm really excited, I am equally as terrified. The above video is the first of many rehearsals to come in preparation for recording material for an audition tape. It is an excerpt of an excerpt from the classical ballet "La Bayadere", in the absence of music. It is a very small fraction of the material that need be recorded, and  I am excited to share the progression of this and other pieces with all of you.

See you soon!

-- Jillian xo