Because it's good for you...

Again-- Thank you ALL for being so patient with me. I have been working on so many things, it's been impossible to keep up with it all! I have some great and exciting news coming for you next week! :D I can't wait to share! So as I was grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I came across some Hemp Seeds. Pretty interesting, I thought. I've been seeing Hemp seeds a lot lately, and was especially impressed with their nutritional value. A serving size is just two tablespoons, and contains more protein than an egg!

They contain all 9 Amino Acids essential for muscle repair and growth, as well as plentiful Omega 3 Fatty Acids (good fats, unsaturated) for optimal metabolic function and immune health. With just two tablespoons per serving, these can be added to plenty of meals in a variety of seamless ways!

Recipes Using Hemp Seeds will be posted tomorrow (Friday)! I promise! :)