Jillian's Kitchen

So I'm back! I apologize for leaving you hanging for a bit there.. almost a week! It has become a very difficult task for me to work my own personal dance training into this new schedule of mine (now that 40+ hours per week are no longer dedicated to being in a dance studio!) I thought it would be nice for me to give you something both simple and useful:

Things Commonly Found in My Kitchen. Enjoy!

So above, we have some products that will never run out at my house. These include:

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil: great as a healthy alternative for just about any cooking oil. The light tasting option can especially be used for just about any cooking endeavor. This oil is high in unsaturated (healthy) fats, and very low in Saturated (unhealthy) fats.

-Balsamic Vinegar: Just a healthy & yummy accessory that can be used as a dressing on salads, for flavoring of pasta salads/ cooked meats & vegetables, etc.

-Agave Nectar: Similar to agave nectar in concept is honey. Both sugar substitutes require more of a process for your body to break down its molecules than refined sugar.

-Odwalla/Bolthouse/Naked Juice products: concentrated juices are highly frowned upon, so try to go with the one with the least concentrated juices. I really enjoy the Bolthouse Mocha Cappuccino drink for before or after our bodyLOGIC workouts. They are packed with whey protien, and while they tend to be higher in added sugars than the juice drinks, we are sure to burn it off in class!

-Peanut Butter: is GREAT. I couldn't live without it. High in protein, but do caution the high saturated fat content. Almond or cashew butters are even more wholesome, with less saturated fats than peanut products. All butters are easily enjoyed on a piece of whole grain toast, or alternately paired with a banana or apple.

-Nonfat Greek Yogurt: I have been enjoying the single serve fruit on the bottom Chobani yogurt lately. Normally though, I would get my daily yogurt in a Superfood Smoothie (recipe coming soon!). Yogurt, greek or not, is a great protein packed snack that should be eaten before or after bodyLOGIC workouts.

1. Wheatberries are a great whole grain packed with fiber, protein and iron. They are often used in salads or added into bread for whole grain texture.

2. Quinoa/Red Quinoa: Both are whole grain seeds that can be cooked and made into a million different hot & cold salads, tabbouleh, pilaf, etc.It is packed with proteins, and complete proteins at that! (meaning the protein contains all 9 amino acids your body needs for muscle production)

3. Buckwheat is another really great food that I love to utilize in my daily dining. It is so great for your cardiovascular & circulatory systems, promotes healthy cholesterol, and even continues the immune assisting effects of Vitamin C  with its high prevalence of flavonoids, a phytonutrient.

More forthcoming on my return to the dance studio, superfood smoothie recipes, etc.

I am thinking of doing a piece on complete proteins and the efficient ways of getting them into your diet, as they are super important for muscle production & repair. Let me know your thoughts on this?

Happy Thursday! :)

-Jillian xo