To a Healthier Memorial Day

With Memorial Day coming up, I thought it would only be appropriate to give you some yummy ideas to make this fun weekend a bit healthier. As many of you have already heard me say (probably rather redundantly), I do NOT believe in "dieting". The food that we eat is the fuel that our bodies run on, and being the highly active LOGIC Ladies that we are, what we feed our bodies becomes very important. The number of calories is not nearly as important as what the calories are made up of, and complex calories go a lot longer of a way, especially when burning  500-plus calories in a single typical cardioLOGIC, bikiniLOGIC, totalbodyLOGIC, strengthLOGIC, leggyLOGIC or waistLOGIC class! With this in mind, I wanted to share a few ideas of my own to make the conventional Memorial Day meal more delicious, and much more healthy!

Mediterranean Turkey Burger, Summer Orzo Salad, Red Pepper/Basil Aioli, & Greek Yogurt Sauce

The Burger: I'm not such a meat-eater, but there are many more delicious ways to do a burger than using the red meat (while not horrible, it's best to be enjoyed infrequently). Veggie burgers are also great, as they can be done a million different ways-- your favorite vegetables, adding proteins like chickpeas, black beans, and grains like buckwheat or quinoa into the mix! You can even bring a different texture with crumbled goat or feta cheeses.

MEAT IS GOOD FOR YOU! Meats are the easiest way to guarantee that you will have complete proteins in your diet. That being said, using ground turkey or chicken is a leaner, healthier way to do a burger, and also leaves room for some FUN! Turkey and chicken burgers can be really exciting just by adding some spinach, roasted red pepper, garlic, and feta cheese!

Burger Recipes

Veggie Burger with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli & Summer Orzo

The Salads: The conventional pasta salads just don't cut it anymore. Between the simple white pasta and overabundance of hydrogenated oils from the dressings/mayonnaise, there are about a million better ways to make a much tastier, superfood salad.

Start by replacing your grain with a whole grain, like orzo or couscous, or even a mixture of quinoa and buckwheat. You can add just about anything to your liking; My current Favorite: a mix of tricolor peppers, almonds, walnuts, & dried cranberries. Such a variety of flavors can be combined with these salads, and most can be dressed with some simple lemon juice, olive oil, and freshly ground pepper.

Salad Recipes


--Jillian :)