Debuts: A blog & A LOGIC Lady

I am so happy to finally introduce everyone to bodyLOGIC’s blog, lifestylogic. I am super excited to have an official forum to share some great, new tips on all things healthy and fun with everyone! Today's post is super special to me, as I have been looking forward to this day for quite a while now! Some time ago, it hit me that we needed another teacher. You guys need a little change (especially those of you who are going on over a year now with just me! MY GOSH, I COMMEND YOU!), as well as a  break from my instruction here and there. In my quest to find a new teacher, I had my work cut out for me, as I had to find someone who was very much like me in my fitness robot sense, but also much different.

It took me almost as long to find our first teacher as it did to train her, so I have a feeling that she will be very special to all of us! I think you will all find her to be consistently genuine and helpful, kind, and possibly a better bodyLOGIC instructor than myself! (I can only hope)

Fallon Gannon, bodyLOGIC Instructor

I am really proud to introduce to all of you our first bodyLOGIC instructor, Fallon Gannon. She did such a fabulous job teaching this morning’s stretchLOGIC class in Old City, and will become a familiar bodyLOGIC face for many of you in Old City & Fairmount alike... as well as in Rittenhouse (coming very soon, I promise!).

Fallon, aka “Fal” is from Rome, NY. She moved to Philadelphia to study Ballet Performance at University of the Arts.

Busy Bee: Fallon is also a teacher at GEGISOM in North Philadelphia, a nonprofit organization providing classes for at-risk youth in dance, music, and drama arts. She also spends many hours a week completing volunteer work for Ladies of Service, an organization focusing on empowering women and helping underprivileged communities.


Favorite bodyLOGIC move: 1st Position Plank  --> Passe

(Unfortunately for many of you, that same plank is your least favorite. Whoopsies! :D)

Fallon's Favorite: Planl Passe

- Tight-Knit: Fallon is super close with all of her immediate family—Mom, Dad, and FOUR younger brothers! Having four younger brothers really taught her to tough it out!

- Fallon is a carnivore, and her favorite food is Lemon Pepper Chicken (YUM!)

-Favorite childhood movie: Wizard of Oz (Mine too!!)

-TOO FUNNY: The day after Halloween, Fallon breaks out the Holiday music.

Fallon says “The Holiday Season is the absolute best time of year!” Her favorite thing: watching the snow fall outside as you enjoy a cup of hot cocoa next to your fireplace!

Fallon the DANCER:

Ballet has been a part of Fallon’s life since she can remember. Her grandma signed her up for her first lessons at the age of 3, and she hasn’t stopped since!! At 17, she began her studies at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School, and then moved to Philadelphia to attend University of the Arts.

When not in the Studios, Fallon can likely be found spending time with her family & friends, baking, or taking pictures around the city.


Fallon was a successful competitive swimmer through high school. She also holds a certification in GYROKINESIS®, a somatic movement technique.

Fallon believes that physical fitness is most important and valuable in being able to reach your optimal overall health. She says "the best part about our physical fitness being so detrimental to our own health is that it is completely within our own control."

Fallon’s love of the bodyLOGIC technique began with her first class this past winter. She finds the technique to be extremely beneficial to both women and dancers, and especially appreciates bodyLOGIC’s torturous yet super FUN nature!

She is super excited to share the technique with all of you, as I am super excited to share her with all of you.

bodyLOGIC Instructors Jillian Dreusike & Fallon GannonI know that she will continue to deliver fabulous classes, and I am looking forward to watching her grow into her new role here over the next few weeks!

As always, thank all of you for continuing to be FABULOUS! I hope that this blog will give me a significant way to give back to you. For the time being, new posts will be released weekly, on Monday afternoons.

--Jillian :)

photos above: Fallon Gannon & Jillian Dreusike, bodyLOGIC Instructors via Amanda Stockwell