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Oh My Cobb (salad)


I love a good Cobb Salad. I love making new variations on Cobb Salads even more. I could eat one every day of the week (literally) and I can even get my veggie-protesting counterpart to indulge in one, too! 

This one is fun because... onion rings! I fried them up dressed with a little bit of whole wheat flour in some EVOO. It adds an extra crunch in tandem with the bacon 🥓 👏🏻 Chicken, soft-boiled egg, blue/Gorgonzola cheese, cherries tomatoes. It’s a meal salad, not a side salad. It’s a great recovery salad, packed with a handful of protein and good fats. 

I prefer to use arugula or baby kale to any. other. green. For one, I love it. Secondly, they’re both super nutrient-dense. 

I exclusively create my own dressings. I do this with BBQ sauces and marinades, too. I just really prefer it to the bottled stuff. Plus, you can tweak it any which way you like!  

Some of my favorites are tahini-lemon (shown in picture) and Green Goddess.  

Here’s the deal!  

choose your green. Choose your cheese. Bacon/turkey bacon, or none at all.  

Marinade for chicken-  

1/4 cup of EVOO 

coarse ground Dijon mustard , to taste 

honey, to taste  

S+P, to taste  

choose your dressing. My faves are below!  

Tahini Lemon-  

a scoop of Soom Foods Tahini  

equal parts EVOO + Lemon Juice (about 1/8 cup each)  

combine ingredients by shaking in a mason jar or any other tight- seal Tupperware  

Green Goddess- 

equal bunches of scallions and basil  

equal parts vegan mayo + sour cream  

a splash of EVOO and lemon juice  


2 roasted garlic cloves [fast roast in the microwave for 14 seconds]  

combine completely in a food processor  

 The Perfect Soft Boiled egg- 

cover egg(s) completely in a small pot of water.  

Place on your stovetop and bring water to a boil. Once it’s rolling, immediately cut the heat. Leave the pot on the burner for 11 minutes and then use a slotted spoon to transfer the eggs to a cup of iced water to stop cooking immediately. Leave for a few mins to cool, and then gently crack and peel under cold running water. (Start with the wider end, that’s where the air pocket is!) 

Toss all ingredients together once cooked - chicken, bacon, greens, halved cherry tomatoes, cheese of choice. Top with onion rings and your halved eggs!