Feature friday: allongee brides 💕

Congratulations to Allongée®️ Master Instructor Noël and husband Nikolai on their recent wedding! On top of looking like a total angel, Noël confirmed the sleeveless, backless dress trend we’ve always seen at allongée; and there’s some good reason why! We wish you and Nikolai the very best of all the years you’ve got ahead. 💕

Witness all of the grace that was Noël on her wedding day herein!

Turns out, our CardioBarreBands give you two major things which come together to make our allongée®️ workouts unique AF.

  1. Bands pull from all directions, so your working more areas and actions, and you’re doing many of them simultaneously. Isometric exercises are what we’re typically used to, AKA targeting one muscle action and reverse action at a time. By working more muscles at once, you’re driving your heart rate into your fat burn zone for more of your “sculpting” time. This yields leaner muscles, and more definition. Which brings us to our next point.

  2. “why so lean?,” you ask? Well, leaner build means more definition, and our ever-present cardio work that you see in just about every class is to credit for the ultimate end result- strong, lean muscles.


New class times added!

We’ve got a few new class times already on the schedule and a few more being added over the next few weeks! Can I get a HELL YEAHHH!!?

Already added:

FRIDAYS at 5:30pm


Coming Soon:

MONDAYS at 12pm

MONDAYS at 7pm