allongeeonline is almost here!

allongeeonline is going LIVE next Monday 6/26 at 4pm! Now you can #getallongee from ANYWHERE at anytime, and you don't need a barre to do it! Newly designed workouts we are bringing your way in order to give you the same effective and efficient small muscle group focused total body workout you get in our studios, WITHOUT the studio!

We will be releasing new workouts on a bi-weekly basis, as well as adding portions of our studio classes into the library so you can work on your form at home. 


NYC Pop-Ups

Our pop-up schedule in NYC has expanded!

See below for details, and be sure to pre-register here.

SATURDAYS June 24 | July 15, 22nd +29  @ 9:10am

MONDAY July 17 @ 8:05am

*All classes will take place at Arts on Site, 12 St. Mark's Pl. in East Village

Featured: Metro Philly

Check out this awesome account from allongee first-timer Cassie as she delves head-first into our newest class, so SOAR! Read the full story here:



Summer Simplicity

Summer is my favorite season in the Northeast because produce is 🔥 and it makes meal prep a hundred times easier! 

One of my personal faves is homemade bruschetta. I think it remains a favorite because you can change it up a million different ways and you're still able to enjoy fresh produce and even meats and other protiens in a fast, throw-it-together dish that can also be saved AND is yummier after a day of being stored! 

I am the girl with the basil plant in my city-window that at times looks like it's en queue to take over my whole house with it's next quick growth spurt. I can't live without fresh basil 🌿 and I honestly don't ever want to. 

Check out the endless possibilities/ideas below: 


the combos are endless! You can create something that is more traditional like above, or you can create your own savory palette pleaser. One of my favorite unique bruschettas is grilled steak, gorgonzola, tomatoes + EVOO.  

Just dice up your ingredients, toss + enjoy right away or chill it in the fridge for a few hours. You can serve with crostini slices in the name of tradition, or you can toss it with some local greens to make my favorite bruschetta salad! 

pictured: heirlooms, fresh basil, EVOO, espresso balsamic, S+P, bufala mozzarella, & speck.  

pictured: heirlooms, fresh basil, EVOO, espresso balsamic, S+P, bufala mozzarella, & speck.